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  • Natural Immune Support SilvaPlex is a Natural Product developed in an FDA facility in the USA. It is an inert material that can be used simultaneously with other therapeutic agents such as antibiotics, steroids & mucolytics. In this era of increasingly restrictive use of pre-race & pre-competition medication, Chelated Silver, the main ingredient of SivaPlex, is gaining wide acceptance by regulators as a drug free alternative.

    Immuno San Natural Nebulisation Solution 100ml bottle Immuno-San is an inhalable solution specially formulated to support the respiratory system of performance horses. Completely natural and non-testing (FEI Legal), making it ideal for use in competition horses. Ideal for all horses recovering from respiratory illness, or those who want to prevent respiratory stress when travelling or regularly competing & exposed to virus’. 48 hour withdrawal is recommended by LCH Laboratory in France for competing racehorses. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE