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The medication cup is part of the Flexineb E2 nebuliser system. Drugs and natural therapies are put into the medication cup and converted into a fine mist for inhalation. The medication cup is a replaceable part of the Flexineb E2 system with a life of approximately 150 doses, depending on the drug used and how well it is maintained.

If you have an Original Flexineb 1 System (Grey power on/off button) please include thisĀ information in your order.

  • The GREY STANDARD label medication cup is the standard cup that will nebulise a wide range of medications
  • A GREEN FAST label cup is specially designed for use with difficult to nebulise high viscosity medications
  • A BLUE SLOW label cup is specially designed for use with the natural therapy NebulinĀ®

Important Information:

The medication cup & drug combination choice can have a big impact on the delivery time and aerosol droplet size.

  • A GREY labelled cup used with high viscosity oily type drugs can lead to slow delivery or failure to nebulise.
  • A GREEN labelled cup used with low viscosity watery type drugs can lead to very fast delivery and the generation of big aerosol droplets leading to pools of medication wasted in the bottom of the mask chamber.
  • A BLUE labelled cup used with low viscosity watery type drugs will nebulise but the delivery time will be slow. It is not suitable for high viscosity oily type drugs.
  • If the drug you wish to nebulise is not listed on the drug table then it is best to test a sample of the drug with your cup first to check if it nebulises ok and in an acceptable time before delivering the treatment.
  • If you are unsure about what medication cup to use it is best to contact your local distributor for advice.
  • Check out our website for updates to this information or email technicalsupport@nortev.com for advice.
  • Please note the following are NOT to be nebulised with Flexineb; RESPRADIL, VETADINE, BROMINE, MILTON / BLEACH, COLLOIDAL SILVER, DE-IONISED WATER, IONISED WATER

Further Information

Flexineb E2 Medication Chart (download pdf)

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Cup Type

Blue/Slow Medicaiton Cup $115, Green/Medication Cup $115, Grey/Standard Medication Cup $115