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Nebulisation is a respiratory management technique in which tiny spherical droplets of aerosolised medication are generated and inhaled by the patient.

Why use a Nebuliser?

A nebuliser device enables the horse owner to easily administer care to their horses airways and lungs. The device incorporates a mask that fits on the nose and a technological means of generating a fine mist.

Old style technologies are based on a compressor which plug into the mains supply. Newer technologies are ultrasonic devices, while the most up-to-date devices (e.g. Flexineb E3) incorporate a vibrating piezo component. Each of these technologies can generate the fine mist which ensures the mist goes directly into the airways and ultimately the lungs.


Allow the management of breathing problems diagnosed by professional veterinarians.

Deliver natural therapies such as saline and eucalyptus in a very efficient way, ensuring your horses airways are optimally conditioned at all times for good breathing.

Direct delivery to the lungs means quickest possible recovery and return to competition.

Save on the cost of drugs compared to other management methods; for example, only approximately 20% of an IV procedure required.


The Flexineb aerosol generator technology, converts liquids into a fine aerosol for inhalation into the lungs of a horse or small animal. An important component of this technology is the medication cup, which incorporates a wafer thin metallic membrane with micro holes. It is a high quality alloy and the vibration of this membrane that acts like a micro pump and converts the liquid into a fine aerosol.

Extensive testing conducted by an independent laboratory on Flexineb shows 71% of the medication inhaled is 5 microns or less, which means 71% of the drug will reach the lower airways. With the use of scintigraphy (see attached document) it is clear that the lung field achieves full exposure to the medication.

The Flexineb Controller also includes an Automatic Tuning (AMT) Feature, whereby the system automatically scans every 30 seconds to determine the optimum operating point.


The medication cup & drug combination choice can have a big impact on the delivery time and aerosol droplet size.

A GREY labelled cup used with high viscosity oily type drugs can lead to slow delivery or failure to nebulise.

A GREEN labelled cup used with low viscosity watery type drugs can lead to very fast delivery and the generation of big aerosol droplets leading to pools of medication wasted in the bottom of the mask chamber.

A BLUE labelled cup used with low viscosity watery type drugs will nebulise but the delivery time will be slow. It is not suitable for high viscosity oily type drugs.

Please refer to the medication chart which will guide you to choose the correct cup for the medication you wish to use.

Further Information

Flexineb E2 Medication Chart (download pdf)


There is only one medication cup for Flexineb C1 (Small Animal) which is designed to be used with a wide range of medications and solutions (refer to the medication chart) The medication cup will hold 6ml of liquid but is expandable to 24ml using a plug in extension
cup accessory. The controller has a 5 minute timer function therefore if the extension cup is used the controller will need to be re-started to complete the dose.


The medication cups for the equine and small animal nebulisers are a wearing part. On average these cups will deliver 150 treatments. Correct cleaning will promote the life of the medication cup (refer to the cleaning instructions).