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  • Cash
  • Mastercard or Visa Card
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Payment Plans (EziDebit)

Ezidebit is a service our business uses to develop payments plans for customers. We have chosen this option as there are no further credit charges to either the client or our business.

This payment system is simple to use. Generally, payment plans are created over three months and are organized to be paid monthly. Simply divide your purchase by the number of months and that is your monthly payment. Ezidebit fees include a one-off $5.50 admin fee, $1.20 for each direct debit payment made OR if you choose to pay via Visa/Mastercard there is a 2.50% transaction fee.

Attached is an example of the Ezidebit Direct Debit Request Form. Do not use this form.

The Ezidebit Direct Debit Request process is managed electronically, via email. Our business manages the approval process for payment plans.

Ezidebit are the first provider of direct debit payments to hold an Australian Financial Services Licence and are a participating member of the Australian Processing and Clearing Association (APCA) and comply with rules and regulations set out by the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS).

Contact Catherine Trindall, 0417 415 355 to discuss.