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For the first time the complete range of Flexineb Equine (Flexineb E2) and Small Animal (Flexineb C1) Nebuliser systems is available in Australia. Our business is able to service the whole of Australia, offer expert advice and express shipping.

Flexineb Equine and Small Animal Nebulisation devices represents a huge innovative step in administering treatment to the upper and lower respiratory tract. The unique vibrating mesh technology generates a fine mist that has the ability to reach the lowest part of the respiratory treatment, whilst delivering a wide range of solutions such as bronchodilators, corticosteroids, antibiotics, mycolytics and natural therapy solutions.

Both the Flexineb Equine and Small Animal Nebulisation systems are portable, silent and easy to use and available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of the patient. There are no cumbersome hoses or electrical cords.

Equine Nebuliser

The international award winning portable equine nebulisation device for horses

Small Animal

The complete nebuliser system for small animals; silent and simple to use.

How It Works

The Flexineb E2 is revolutionising the treatment and management of respiratory issues.

Where to Buy

Contact Flexineb Australia for information of how to purchase the range of products.